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"Every day you wake up, honor your dreams, honor your purpose. Pursue it. Fall in love with purpose and marry it, because you deserve a do over."



At 33, I’m a mother, practicing occupational therapist of 10 years, writer and life coach. And while all of that is important and dear to my heart, that’s not what I feel is the most important thing you should know about me. What I feel like you should know is that I’m a fighter. I’m a contender for my peace and I’m a defender for the inerrant Word of God. You should know that I’m a domestic abuse survivor, a sexual abuse survivor, and a survivor of years of my own self-inflicted pain and discouragement. 

If you were in front of me I’d grab your hand and tell you that I’ve fought for my mental stability too. That I’ve had my fair share of dysfunctional relationships and failed friendships. I’d tell you that I felt like I’ve always been on the outside looking in most of my life. You should know that I struggled with my identity for years. Every season, taking on and shedding a new personality to see what fit is most comfortable. Or I’d tell you about enduring what I felt- to be some of the darkest days in my life. And how in those hours I wanted nothing more than to end it. And having said all that, I’d tell you how and why I’m STILL here. The first being the ever-patient and loving presence of God, and the second being you. Yes, I’m here for YOU. I’m hoping that the transparency of my life and words can heal you. My love, my encouragement, my real and sometimes unsolicited rawness, I hope it helps free you.


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