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Death of Old, Birth of New.

With great contemplation and daydreaming, I realize that “The Do Over” looks like so many different things to so many different people. The Do Over can be the realization that it’s time to finally go back to school for that degree or the moment you have when you realize the relationship is a dead end.

The Do Over can come while crying in the shower for a fresh start, or it happens on the way home after another abortion. After a bankruptcy, court after the death of a child, after the death of yourself. No matter how painful, how drastic, how heinous the assault or offense, the opportunity to start anew is available. Many times though, we’re too afraid to put to death the things that hold us back, to yield creation to what gives us life.

The Do Over is a means to an end, to create a new beginning.

Previously, we spoke about identifying the “rides” in our life that lead us nowhere. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read it you can find it here Maybe you’ve already read it and have decided to forfeit your never-ending journey to discontentment. But what next? I know from experience that just because our mind is made up, it doesn’t stop us from almost peeing ourselves from the thought of stepping into the unknown.

Change. Is. Scary.

There is something so enticing yet so nerve-wracking about new beginnings that many of us would rather stay in a dead season than be changed by a new one.

-Fear is an Instigator

We, humans, are such creatures of habit. And while that can make us steadfast and reliable, it can also make us accustom to dysfunction. Many people rather deal with the pain we’re familiar with than risk experiencing a new pain at the hands of something (or someone) else.

All this doubt, however, is rooted in fear. It’s rooted in the disbelief that you’re someone worthy of a Fresh Start. Fear is an instigator. It hypes you up on imaginary scenarios that probably would’ve never happened...unless it talked you into participating in them in the first place. It bombards your mind in a sea of the “what ifs”.

Fear becomes the constant voice in your ear that tells you to “stay safe, don’t risk it” because what if it doesn’t work? What if you fail? What will people say? These are the pointless and baseless questions that Fear will present to you to keep you from looking past a dying season to birth something new.

-The Newness

What is it about receiving something new that makes us warm and giddy inside? It can be something as simple as a new pair of shoes or listening to new music from your favorite artist. We love new. We love “never seen before”.

We are attracted, excited and drawn by the thought and act of experiencing something we’ve never had before. We exhibit this in hours-long waits for shoes or chicken sandwiches (Hey Popeyes) or even waiting outside early in the morning before a big Macy’s sale. All in the anticipation of experiencing something NEW.

Why can’t we keep that same energy for our destiny though? I wish we were as steadfast about pursuing and securing our purpose as we are securing the trivial things of this world.

Your purpose is forever. Purpose is destiny, legacy and your contribution to the world. But when it comes to purpose we retract. We feel the insecurities of anxiety and all of a sudden purpose becomes intimidating.

But why?

Because purpose requires commitment.

There’s this moment before the receiving, this anticipation you feel when you’re sure you possess something but don’t have it in hand yet. It’s that feeling when you just bought a car, but have to wait for the dealer to pull it around front. It’s the moment when you’ve completed all your classes but still haven’t received your degree.

In these moments we’re well aware that we’ve received what we earned. We’re just waiting for the particulars to get sorted out. We’re waiting for the final manifestation. WE have to be committed to waiting. In the waiting realignment happens, repositioning happens.

In the waiting, we are prepped. Remember back in the day when you'd clean your room BEFORE you'd ask your Mama if your friends could come over? Remember when you'd do your chores BEFORE asking if you could go out with your friends? You would prepare, in order to receive.

That may sink in later.

God's promises are "Yes and Amen". But first,


*What has God already spoken to you? What has He already promised you that you’re just in the waiting area for?

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Miembro desconocido
07 mar 2022

Kymora this is Mariam and I love so much this clarity on the DO OVER. God bless you for sharing. THIS IS NEEDED.

Me gusta
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