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The Things That Keep Us Stuck

I’ve realized that often life and societal standards can become a total catch 22. The same culture that dishonors commitment and consistency, is the same framework that constantly reminds us that there’s comfort in complacency.

Let me explain. The same culture that gave you the “eat, sleep and gym”, and the “no days off” trend is the same culture that constantly bombards your tv and radio waves about new triple stacker burgers and chicken sandwiches. The same culture that keeps telling you that marriage is the defining accomplishment of your existence- also amplifies the sexy, selfish and glamorous life of singledom.

We’re mediocre if we’re not physically fit, but we’re not comfortable in our skin if we’re not okay with being obese. We must live life for ourselves and strive for self-happiness first....but we’re selfish if not politically correct and yield our wills for everyone else to feel comfortable.

My point is, THE point is, society is bipolar and FULL of double standards. In the double-mindedness of our culture there you will find the double-mindedness and instability of its people. We’ve enabled society to flood our ear gates with whatever is trending at the moment, without first filtering out what’s beneficially applicable to our lives. So then yes- we too, become double-minded.

So in our confusion, we can’t even grasp what Doing it Over LOOKS like. We let societal pressures dictate what us starting over should reflect. ‘How will I be perceived?’ we wonder. The courage to look rogue and be happy is fleeting. Our brave new selves are here one day and gone the next time we hear someone say “That’s crazy”.

I’m here to share that the courage to be free is a commitment.

That’s why it’s so hard to live in it because we are non-committal creatures. Courage is an absolute marriage. Courage is a covenant.

But I believe God wants to end our rat race.

God wants to stop the revolving door in our lives. God wants to dismantle the Catch 22.

Ultimately, the heart and mind of God has ALWAYS been to start us over.

We see this in the symbolism and manifestations of Jesus on the Cross. Death to the old to make room for the new. Overcoming dysfunction to walk in wholeness. Gaining authority and walking over what used to be our quicksand. It’s so dope to think about because Jesus is our perfect model for what "Doing it Over" looks like. Jesus completed the first Do Over. And even more importantly He did it even when at times He didn’t want to. Jesus was committed.

Contrary to popular belief, The Do Over doesn’t require the perfect alignment of the moon and stars, or the perfect environment and circumstance.

The Do Over just requires commitment. And that commitment has to first be planted and rooted in our minds. Anything that’s not rooted and nurtured is unable to produce. So even after we’ve decided to start over, (in whatever form or fashion that may be), we now must make the daily choice to pursue that.

Every day you wake up, honor your dreams, honor your purpose. Pursue it. Fall in love with purpose and marry it.

Divorce Doubt.

Marry your Destiny.

Divorce shame.

Marry your Destiny.

Divorce the past.

Marry your Destiny.

Divorce Fear.

Marry your Destiny.

Divorce insecurity.

Marry your Destiny.

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